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Summit PC

Explore a giant mountain massif in this classical 2D Metroidvania. Climb daring mountain passes, explore forgotten ruins and gather equipment as you ascend your way to the ultimate destination - the Summit. This already war-torn country has recently been befallen by a mighty set of catastrophes. Your unlikely protagonist, a member of the weak Ruby tribe, turned out to be one of a few survivors of the last cataclysm, a giant avalanche. Your initial personal mission quickly turns into the ultimate search for truth - a search that requires you to climb the fabled grand summit. Your journey begins when you wake up in a mysterious cave. Struck by the blow of a giant avalanche you and your fellow miners have been washed away into the darkness. You must climb out of this crevasse and head to Pinetown - the once great village at the very foot of the Mountain. There might be your only chance to gather the strength, the gear and the knowledge to begin your ascent of the unknown. Your destination - the Summit - is clear, but the way there is as treacherous as it is fabulous. Along your way you will stumble upon characters of all tribes, foreigners and natives to the mountain. You will find climbing equipment that will be essential for your progression - an icepick, a rope and grappling hook, a parachute and many more. You will also encounter great obstacles, mysteries and enemies which will make your journey even more epic. This game combines the joy of exploring a large interconnected world with fluid and unique platforming and engaging puzzles.


Publisher Dominik Hackl
Developer Dominik Hackl
Genre Adventure, Platform, Indie
Game Mode single-player
Theme Action, Open world, Mystery
Platform PC (Windows)
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Summit Screenshot
Summit Screenshot
Summit Screenshot
Summit Screenshot