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Space Pirates for Life PC

A 2D Sci-fi Action Platformer about a Space Pirate who has crash-landed on an unknown planet. Hack, slash and explore this bizarre and challenging retro-style world.


Adapted from Tidal Rave's debut album 'Space Pirates for Life,' The game story is a sequel to the song 'Cosmic Butterfly' and begins as follows: A lone ship dwells in the graveyard orbit... The Cosmic Butterfly is manned by a small crew of space pirates, they spend their years harvesting gold components from satellites. The 'space gold' is flown to their crew on Earth and used to fund a rebellion against the Earth's wealthiest 1%. The pirates have become a nuisance to the people in power, by regularly hacking their communications satellites, demanding ransoms and encouraging the 99% to rise up and overthrow the ultra-rich. These efforts soon, however, come at a cost... As there is no jurisdiction and law that governs space, the 1% band together to fund a space fleet, who's only motive is to destroy the Cosmic Butterfly and all of it's crew. Filled with pride, the pirates have no intentions to flee from conflict and so attempt to take on the Earth fleet. But to no avail, the Butterfly is shot into critical condition and their only means of escape is to hurtle towards an unknown planet for an emergency crash-landing. Panic-stricken, the crew climb into separate escape pods and are ejected from the ship, leaving them scattered around the planet. After a hard landing, a lone pirate regains consciousness and scans the surroundings using the pod's radar and to their surprise, this planet has breathable air, and even harbours life! It seems as though this place has been kept a secret from history... But why? After fashioning a sword from the escape pod's parts, the pirate sets foot outside to look for the missing crew...


Publisher Tidal Rave
Developer Tidal Rave
Genre Puzzle, Adventure, Platform, Indie, Music
Game Mode single-player
Theme Action, Science fiction
Platform PC (Windows)
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Space Pirates for Life Screenshot
Space Pirates for Life Screenshot