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Skeleton Crew Mac

Launch your enemies like Gothic pinballs in Skeleton Crew, the physics-based platform brawler. A band of misfit heroes is all that stands between the last survivors of humanity and the legions of Chaos that have assembled to destroy them.


Welcome to the crumbling world of Karpathia where humans are the endangered species. With legions of monsters trying to decimate what’s left of mankind, only the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team (Y.E.E.T!) can protect humanity against the hordes of chaos. Whether you choose to face the journey alone or join forces with your friends, you'll have to weaponise everything to stand a chance; skulls, brains, demons, witches… chickens? Skeleton Crew is a frenzied platform brawler set against the backdrop of a gothic hellscape, where you can use everything and everyone to smash your way to victory. Line up trick shots and give a good hard kick to launch anything (including your enemies and friends) at high speed, wreaking havoc on the environment, causing carnage to your foes and solving puzzles to boot. Of course, if that's not enough you could always use your sword, I suppose.


Publisher Modern Wolf
Developer Cinder Cone
Genre Adventure, Platform, Indie
Game Mode single-player, multiplayer, co-op
Theme Action
Platform PC (Windows)
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Skeleton Crew Screenshot
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