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Raster Prime: Remix PC

Raster Prime: Remix is a new edition of an original mobile game released in 2017. Your mind will short-circuit in this atmospheric pixel sci-fi puzzler with eight levels of increasing difficulty. Decipher each binary sequence to travel further into the unknown, and unearth a deeper mystery that may never be fully understood.


> TRANSMISSION RECEIVED < A L I E N • S I G N A L • D E T E C T E D S T R A N G E • O B J E C T • O R B I T I N G • S T A R P O S S I B L E • T R A N S P O R T A T I O N • D E V I C E I • C A N • S E E • S O M E T H I N G > MISSION BRIEFING < A monolith of unknown origin was recently discovered in the TRAPPIST system. It is reportedly dotted with obelisks emitting some kind of holographic glyphs and binary controls. Set a course for TRAPPIST-1, intercept the monolith, and investigate. Due to the nature of this voyage, your screen has been outfitted with vacuum-tolerant pixaels, a more resilient form of pixel. This does however preclude the use of advertisements or in-visor purchases. A complimentary synthwave mix-tape has been included to mitigate space-madness. INSERT COIN


Publisher Punk Labs
Developer Punk Labs
Genre Puzzle, Indie
Game Mode single-player
Theme Science fiction
Platform PC (Windows), Mac, Android, Linux
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot
Raster Prime: Remix Screenshot