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What are Laser Cup Mac CD Keys?

Laser Cup Mac CD keys are digital codes, also known as a game codes or game keys, that you activate and redeem to download a digital version of Laser Cup. You can buy and redeem Laser Cup CD keys to play on PC (Windows), Mac, Linux.

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It's easy - we collect and compare price information daily for Laser Cup Mac to help find you the best deals available from official retailers and popular third-party marketplaces, including sales and discount codes available worldwide.

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Select a country, platform and service to find the best deal in your preferred region. Buy Laser Cup from your vendor of choice and redeem it to own a digitial copy of Laser Cup Mac that you can download and play.

Laser Cup Mac

​Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play air hockey with bumper cars? Then Laser Cup is the ideal game for you! Select one of 8 teams from all over the solar system to compete in high-paced, physics-based matches against your best friends. But be warned: They might not be your best friends once the match is over. There's no need to worry though because even when you inevitably run out of friends you will still be able to compete in public matches or against AI enemies. Use crazy powerups, like magnets and shockwaves, to get an edge over your opponents. The game looks and sounds like it's ripped straight from an 80s arcade with its vectorized, neon graphics and its early-techno soundtrack. But don't be fooled, the game is action-packed to the brim combining the best elements of the last 5 decades of sports video games.​


Publisher Dreamlabs
Developer Dreamlabs
Genre Indie, Arcade, Sport
Game Mode single-player, multiplayer, co-op, split-screen
Platform PC (Windows), Mac, Linux
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Laser Cup Screenshot
Laser Cup Screenshot
Laser Cup Screenshot
Laser Cup Screenshot
Laser Cup Screenshot

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