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Ghostpia Season One Mac

"Ghostpia" is a visual novel with cute visuals that look like a picture book, adorned with glitches and noise, and characterized by nostalgic expressions! This game is a more expressive and interactive reimagining of the visual novel "Ghostpia" that has been released on the App Store and web platforms.


Isolated from the world by snow, a town lies barren near the farthest station. A town exists where ghosts flood the streets at night. But we aren't really ghosts. We are immortal. Unable to die, with our unending lives, we took to referring to ourselves like that. They say this is an ideal town. A true utopia for ghosts. “But is it really? Can you really call this place a utopia?” This is Sayako, and her plight. For you see, Sayako is the only one in town who doesn't truly belong. All the while she is sharing a room with the mysterious new girl in town, Yoru. More than anything in the world, Sayako longs to return home to her hometown. To set off beyond the unfathomable vast desert of snow, beyond where nobody has ever gone. To the home she could only dream was out there. To be able to remember what she has forgotten, the thing she holds the most dear. That is her dream. “In a hopeless town such as this, a useless girl like me can’t help but dream.”


Publisher Room6, Yokaze
Developer Chosuido
Genre Indie, Visual Novel
Game Mode single-player
Theme Comedy, Mystery, Drama
Platform PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch
Ghostpia Season One Screenshot
Ghostpia Season One Screenshot
Ghostpia Season One Screenshot
Ghostpia Season One Screenshot