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Dead Space 2 PC

Three years after the Necromorph infestation aboard the USS Ishimura, Isaac Clarke awakens from a coma, confused, disoriented, and on a space station called The Sprawl. Just as his health begins to improve, The Sprawl is overrun with even more advanced forms of the alien-zombie hybrids.


Dead Space 2 takes place three years after the events of Dead Space, in 2511. Following his nightmarish encounter on the USG Ishimura, former engineer Isaac Clarke arrives on the Sprawl, a civilian space station built on the remains of Saturn's moon, Titan, which was broken into pieces in a planet-cracking operation. Here a new Necromorph outbreak begins. Isaac witnesses the panic that overtakes the station from the start.


Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Visceral Games
Genre Adventure, Shooter
Game Mode single-player, multiplayer, co-op
Theme Action, Science fiction, Horror, Survival
Platform PC (Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
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Dead Space 2 Screenshot
Dead Space 2 Screenshot
Dead Space 2 Screenshot
Dead Space 2 Screenshot