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Cossacks: European Wars PC

Cossacks: European Wars is a real-time strategy computer game for Windows made by the Ukrainian developer GSC Game World. It was released on April 24, 2001. The game has an isometric view and is set in the 17th and 18th centuries of Europe. It features sixteen playable nations each with its own architectural styles, technologies and units. Players must avoid famine and engage in army expansion, building construction and simple resource gathering. Mission scenarios range from conflicts such as Thirty Years' War to the War of the Austrian Succession, and the game is renowned for the seemingly unlimited number of units players may control. This ability set it apart from other games of the time such as Age of Empires and Empire Earth. Cossacks is a game which allows the user to gain strategy skills and even pick up some relative history of that period by the inclusion of a comprehensive encyclopedia. This top selling title has won two awards and was positively favoured by a majority of reviewers.


Publisher GSC Game World, Strategy First, cdv Software Entertainment
Developer GSC Game World
Genre Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy
Game Mode single-player, multiplayer
Theme Historical, Fantasy, Warfare
Platform PC (Windows)
Cossacks: European Wars Screenshot
Cossacks: European Wars Screenshot
Cossacks: European Wars Screenshot
Cossacks: European Wars Screenshot
Cossacks: European Wars Screenshot