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Cossacks 3 Mac

Cossacks 3 is the third main game in the long-running historical real-time strategy series. This entry is described as a remake of the concept of the original games and it has a mix of different elements such as base building, resource gathering and the production of raw materials, a technology tree and a full economy, but also the large-scale battles with up to 10,000 units on a single battlefield in full 3D similar to the Total War series. Battle elements include a limited supply of weapons, the impact of the landscape, and the use of tactical formations. The game is based on history of the 17th and 18th century and contains twelve nations, 70 different unit types, more than 140 historical buildings and 100 research opportunities. Battles are done on land as well as on sea using a full armade of ships. The single-player portions consists of five campaigns and multiplayer is supported for up to eight players on a single map. Randomly generated maps can be used to challenge computer opponents.


Publisher GSC Game World
Developer GSC Game World
Genre Real Time Strategy (RTS), Strategy
Game Mode single-player, multiplayer, co-op
Theme Action, Historical, Fantasy
Platform PC (Windows), Mac, Linux
Cossacks 3 Screenshot
Cossacks 3 Screenshot
Cossacks 3 Screenshot
Cossacks 3 Screenshot
Cossacks 3 Screenshot

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