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AVSEQ Mac CD keys are digital codes, also known as a game codes or game keys, that you activate and redeem to download a digital version of AVSEQ. You can buy and redeem AVSEQ CD keys to play on PC (Windows), Mac.

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AVSEQ is an audio-visual sequencer puzzle game. Connect falling atoms to unlock near-endless varieties of music at each stage. Every level of AVSEQ is a music sequencer with 2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations, that's 22 tredecillion in total. No, we're not making those numbers up. We actually did the math. This is a generative music game designed by procedural systems wizard Tom Betts, and it provides a colorful, beautiful challenge to even the most hardcore of puzzle-game experts.


Publisher Big Robot Ltd
Developer Big Robot Ltd
Genre Puzzle, Indie, Music
Game Mode single-player
Platform PC (Windows), Mac
AVSEQ Screenshot
AVSEQ Screenshot
AVSEQ Screenshot
AVSEQ Screenshot
AVSEQ Screenshot