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Aurrery Mac

AURRERY - 3D music creation software. Aurrery is a unique digital audio workstation which allows the user to create real 3D music using a 3D model of the solar system (an audio orrery). FEATURES: Load or record your own sounds or loops into each of the planets. Control planet rotation behaviour and speed. Move between your music creations in first person view or select and control a second listener globe in 3D space. DSP effects for each planet -low/high pass filter, chorus, reverb, distortion, delay. 3D settings - doppler effect, min/max distance, spread. Supports mono, stereo, Quad, Surround, 5.1 and 7.1 output. configurable DSP settings and sample rates. Record your live performance to wav. Create multiple projects and save/load files. Global mixing panel displaying VU meters for each planet audio channel. Hide menus and orrery frame for real time cosmic AV performance. Output 2nd monitor for performance, whilst using UI on 1st monitor. Export screenshots. VR support - Realistic oculus VR HTRF audio spatialisation. PC and Mac versions.


Developer Mark France
Genre Music
Game Mode single-player
Theme Science fiction
Platform PC (Windows), Mac

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