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What are Assassin's Creed II PC CD Keys?

Assassin's Creed II PC CD keys are digital codes, also known as a game codes or game keys, that you activate and redeem to download a digital version of Assassin's Creed II. You can buy and redeem Assassin's Creed II CD keys to play on iOS, PC (Windows), Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

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Assassin's Creed II PC

Discover an intriguing and epic story of power, revenge and conspiracy set during a pivotal moment in history: the Italian Renaissance. Experience the freedom and immersion of an all new open world and mission structure with settings such as the rooftops and canals of beautiful Venice. Your options in combat, assassination and escape are vast, with many new weapons, settings and gameplay elements.


The lineage continues as this new chapter introduces Ezio, inheritor of the talents and creed of the Assassins. His family murdered by rival families, Ezio resolves to learn the ancient art of the Assassin in order to seek revenge. He will not do so alone though, allying with historical figures such as philosopher and writer Niccolò Machiavelli. You will also be able to master the art of the assassin with all new weapons and instruments created by the renowned inventor and genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci himself.


Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Genre Adventure, Platform
Game Mode single-player
Theme Action, Historical, Fantasy, Open world, Sandbox, Science fiction, Stealth
Platform iOS, PC (Windows), Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Assassin's Creed II Screenshot
Assassin's Creed II Screenshot
Assassin's Creed II Screenshot
Assassin's Creed II Screenshot
Assassin's Creed II Screenshot