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A Perfect Day Mac

Revisit and repeat the final moments of China's turn of the century in this narrative puzzle adventure. Play a 6th-grade student and greet classmates, explore secrets, play mini-4WD, or just wander around town. Make your choices to create a perfect day for everyone!


Unlike Groundhog Day's time-loop narrative, A Perfect Day allows players to repeat the last day of the 20th century without the memories from the past loops. You can explore the secrets of those around you, plan your daily activities, and make your own choices. Bid farewell to the regrets of the past, fulfill everyone's dream, and welcome the new century with fireworks. Inspired by the storytelling of Jorge Luis Borges, adventure and truth are awaiting you.


Publisher Coconut Island Games
Developer Coconut Island Studio
Genre Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
Game Mode single-player
Platform PC (Windows), Mac
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A Perfect Day Screenshot
A Perfect Day Screenshot
A Perfect Day Screenshot